My name is Zuza Luniewska and I am here to help you achieve your dreams and goals…

I work with people who feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and thoughts, need help in setting up an action plan, are dissatisfied with their current life, are struggling with a life challenge or need support in a crisis.

I am a certified Life Coach. I graduated from The Coaching Academy, a prestigious school in London. I will help you get to know yourself, regain peace, balance and motivation in order to get off the ground and start living fully.

As a coach, I use effective tools and techniques which will help you make decisions about future changes and development.

I decided to combine my veterinary and coaching experience and created a mentoring program. I work with veterinary surgeons who feel blocked, lost, demotivated and indecisive to help them organise both their career and personal life. I know the specifics of the very demanding and unbalanced life of people working in the medical sector, which can lead to frustration or burnout.

I help in setting personal goals and in creating an effective plan of action. My coaching and mentoring sessions bring tangible results.

I have clients both in Poland and in countries around the world. I work in Polish and English. I talk to people, listen to their experiences, emotions and different perspectives. During the session, I give you 100% of my attention, ask questions that allow you to see and understand more than before and take steps towards change.

I work in a holistic manner. I pay attention to both emotional development and a harmony within your body.

I completed the RYS 200 yoga teacher training course at Astanga Yoga Studio in Warsaw.


In my free time

Whenever I can, I meet with my friends in nature with the company of our dogs. We eat delicious, healthy food, talk, dance and listen to music. I also love to travel. In the future, I dream of running workshops, during which I will be able to weave yoga into the coaching process.


Do you want to lift your blockades, systematize your thoughts and set up a plan of action?

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