Can I buy just one session?

Yes, you can buy a single 90 minute session or, if you prefer, a whole package. I sell life coaching sessions in packages of 6, 9 or 12 sessions. Vet mentoring program consists of 7 90-minute sessions. 

How much does LIFE coaching cost?

Prices of available life coaching packages can be found in the PACKAGES tab.

How much does VET mentoring cost?

Vet mentoring program includes 7, 90 minute sessions and its cost is £400. You can also buy a single 90 minute session for £60.

How does coaching differ from a therapy?

During therapy, we usually look mainly into the past and try to understand why we feel the way we feel, analyse our relationships and behaviors. In coaching, we place emphasis on change and action. We take life into our own hands and boldly move forward!

How does coaching differ from mentoring?

During LIFE coaching sessions, thanks to the right questions and no rush, you finally have time to calmly think about what you actually want in life. Coaching is designed to help you make difficult decisions, change, set off and boldly act. I am not giving you any advice or recommendations.

During VET mentoring sessions, I also share with you my knowledge and experience so that you can change or improve something in your veterinary career. I have been working abroad as a veterinarian for over 8 years and I am happy to share everything I know.

What should I do for a session to be effective?

Trust and honesty are essential in both coaching and mentoring sessions. Only then we can dive deeply into various topics, areas and beliefs, process them and finally improve or change. In addition to honesty and trust, your willingness to act and openness to a change is extremely important. You won’t move forward without it.

Can I book on-line coaching sessions?

Of course! I run sessions via Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype.

How can I cancel a session?

Session cancellation is possible via e-mail or SMS / WhatsApp at least 48 hours before the agreed date. Otherwise, the session is forfeited. A correctly cancelled session takes place at the next agreed date.