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Often, when we think about adult life, it seems very serious and difficult to us. It is filled to the brim with stress and deadlines. Paying bills, being at work on time, all kinds of deadlines, plus daily traffic jams, problems with relationships with friends or family, health problems … The list goes on and on.

What if it could be otherwise?

Responsibilities, however, should only be part of our lives. When we take them too seriously all the time and get lost in the constant stress and tension, we can easily lose touch with what makes life so great … ease and fun! There has been a lot of talk about our inner child lately. Each of us has them and we should learn to cultivate them. For happiness, we need to meet with people and have happy conversations, jokes, dances, trips, adventures, and fun. It turns out that we need to remember not only to go to work but also to make sure we go to the cinema or a picnic. It is just as important, if not more important, than bills etc.

How is it with you?

When was the last time you devoted some time to total relaxation or a hobby, without remorse? With a free mind, not thinking about ‘to-do list’? Most of us forget about it completely or refuse to allow it. Pleasure often falls to the bottom of our list, if we remember about it at all. Mental health suffers when we overwhelm ourselves with the seriousness of life and forget about leisure and relaxation.

How do we start introducing some ease into our lives?

I would like more and more people to honestly say that they like their lives. I keep meeting people who don’t even come close to that. They often think it is impossible to enjoy daily chores or activities. During the session, we break down such beliefs into prime factors and dig down to their source, and then we start working on changes. And the magic begins to happen.


If you feel overwhelmed with your daily rush and self-indulgence, stopping to take life too seriously might be the solution you are looking for and need. Start now! At the first stressful situation, take a moment to take few deeper, conscious breaths and exhalations. You will find that even such a short relaxation will immediately reduce the pressure and you will return to your duties with a better attitude. You can really charm your reality to be lighter and more joyful. We have no influence on what happens to us, but we have influence on how we react. Regular, calm breathing helps a lot. Trust me ­čÖé You will be surprised.

Introduce new habits

If you want your life not only to consist of a to-do list and difficult matters, remember to make space for lightness and balance. Your new, pleasant routine may become a morning walk around the neighborhood with a friend of your neighbor, playing tennis with a newly met trainer or running barefoot in the woods. Cut yourself some slack and find time for yourself and your inner child.

You will be surprised by how much space you have in your head and by a smile which suddenly appears. And if you feel that you would like to change something in your life and be more relaxed, but you do not know how to start, arrange a free consultation with me and see how I can help you build a happier and healthier life.